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Road Safety

Important Guidelines To Drivers

» Obey Police Signal
» Park Your Vehicle in “Parking Areas” Only
» Do Not Stop Your Vehicle in the Middle of the Road
» Never be Under the Influence of Liquor while Driving
» Stop Your Vehicle When Pedestrians are Crossing the Road on Zebra Crossing
» Do Not Overtakes on Blind Corners
» Give Way to Up-Coming Vehicle
» Do Not Overload Your Vehicle With Passengers
» Use Dimmer During Night Travel
» Do Not Carry Goods which are not Legally Permitted
» Always carry Your License and Relevant Papers of the Vehicle
» Check Your Vehicle Condition Before you take it out Every Morning
» Be Polite to Passengers
» Exhibit your fare chat prominently to Passengers
» Keep First Aid Box in Your Vehicle
» Inform Police Immediately of any Motor Accident
» Carry the Injured to Nearest Hospital whenever any Accident Occurs